366 Days

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Yukihira Asuka is 28 and works at the reception desk for a music school. She hears that her high school will soon be abolished and decides to attend a school reunion held at her high school. There, Yukihira Asuka meets Mizuno Haruto. Asuka liked Haruto when they were high school students, but she never conveyed her feelings to him. Asuka and Haruto talk during the school reunion and they learn that they both had feelings for each other and they still feel the same way. Asuka is ecstatic, but, the next day, an unexpected tragedy strikes Haruto. That leaves him in an unconscious state. (Source: AsianWiki; edited by MyDramaList) ~~ Adapted from the song "366 Days" (366日) by HY


Alice Hirose, Gordon Maeda, Bando Ryota, Neru Nagahama


Romance, Drama

  • Released: 08 Apr 2024
  • Runtime: 54 min
  • Rated: Not Yet Rated
  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Watched by: 1
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Season: 1
11 / 11
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