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Yusuke Nogi of Ryosho's Energy Development Division said that 10 times the official down payment was mistakenly sent to GFL, a local infrastructure company involved in a solar energy plant to be built in the Balkan Republic in Central Asia. Suspected of involvement, he heads to the Balkan Republic to collect the difference of $90 million. With the cooperation of his CIA friend Sam, Nogi obtained information that the terrorist al-Zaer had laundered the full amount of the contract money into diamonds and brought it out. Because he was robbed and left behind, he tries to cross the desert on foot, but he runs out of energy and loses consciousness. Nogi is taken care of by Adiel and Jamir in the desert and meets Zaire, but after refusing to refund the wrong money transfer, he is given mysterious words, "Are you VIVANT?" I'm about to be Nogi is rescued by Mamoru Nozaki, an investigator from the Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Department, who appears in a difficult situation, but he is caught in an explosion and injured.


Masato Sakai, Abe Hiroshi, Fumi Nikaido, Tori Matsuzaka



  • Released: 16 Jul 2023
  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Watched by: 7
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Season: 1
10 / 10
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