Sukeban Deka III

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Kazama Yui, a country girl from Kyushu who was recruited by the Dark Director and given the role of the third Saki Asamiya. In the story, Yui was sent to Tokyo to meet up with her long lost sisters, Yuka and Yuma, and they inherited the family's ninja art in order to solve the menace of a psychic terrorist known as the Emperor. Now turned into a trio of kunoichi, they would battle the villain and his army, helped by their mentor Kazuya Yoda and the agents Reia Kido and Obiwan Osho. Yui herself rarely used the Saki Asamiya moniker and showed a very different personality compared to Saki and Yoko, and the series was more focused in fantasy than serious urban crime drama. NOTE: although it has 3 in the title and is loosely related to the other two Sukeban Deka shows this should not be treated as a direct continuation but rather as a standalone show.


Yui Asaka, Yuka Onishi, Yuma Nakamura, Miho Hayashi


Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime

  • Released: 30 Oct 1986
  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Watched by: 1
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Season: 1
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