Yo nimo Kimyou na Monogatari

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[Ex-boyfriend with Love Triangle] Mika is worried about her boyfriend Akira's mannerisms. One day, suddenly "thud!" and a knocking on the front door echoed through the room. The two fearfully open the front door to find a small robot. While the two are startled by the robot's sudden appearance, the robot identifies himself as Jun, Mika's ex-boyfriend. Mika is puzzled by all this, but she is gradually drawn to his gentle inner self, which has not changed at all... [Concierge] The actress Maki Matsukubo Maki is a single mother who has moved into a new apartment with her daughter Nanami after her husband cheated on her. Maki struggles to live for the first time without her husband, but Masateru Ogami, the concierge of the apartment, shows up and helps her with the move, which he completes flawlessly. Maki was so moved by his behavior that she began to entrust him with housework, babysitting, and even helping her with her work, turning to Ogami, who would grant her any wish, saying, "Anything you wish." However, when Maki uttered "something", Ogami's behavior gradually began to escalate... [Waga-sama] Tomoeda Akito is the president of a design company that puts his work first without regard for his family. One day, Akito learns of his mother's death, and he returns home with his wife Mami, and son Hayato. Akito is curious about the storage in his parent's house, and when he enters the storage, he finds a six-year-old boy named "Waga-sama" on the tatami mats in a dimly lit corner. Remembering his mother's words to him as a child, "If you can give Waga-sama what she wants, he will grant your wish.", Akito offers one thing after another that he thinks the child will like... [Wait a Minute!] Hirokawa Satoru is having dinner with Sawada Rina, a junior colleague at work whom he has feelings for, and is looking for an opportunity to confess to her, but Rina leaves her seat. Satoru decides to confess his feelings, thinking that the timing of her return to her seat is a good opportunity. As soon as Rina returns to her seat, Satoru immediately confesses his feelings. But Rina interrupts Satoru's last words, saying, "Wait a minute!" and continues, "I'm sorry," and refuses Satoru's confession. Satoru is puzzled by Rina's different attitude from before, but Rina, who was away from her seat, comes back. When the two Rina's, one who refused his confession and the other who was out of her seat, come face to face, Rina, who refused his confession, says that she has come from 10 years in the future to prevent her from going out with Satoru. Satoru was puzzled by the whole thing, and then he heard a voice saying, "Wait a minute!"...


Tao Tsuchiya, Tamori, Ikki Sawamura



  • Released: 12 Nov 2022
  • Runtime: 2h 10min
  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Watched by: 2
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